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the legend of jet childrens book
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But one day, when Michael

and his dad are cleaning Jet’s tank, something goes terribly wrong.  This sets Michael and his dad off on a fast-paced adventure to find and rescue Jet.  Michael knows Jet is strong and brave, but can he survive until rescued?  

The Legend of Jet the Gerbil is filled with moving themes like love, friendship, hope, resilience and perseverance that shine through the story and the beautiful watercolor illustrations.  With Jet's incredible adventure and survival this could be

the greatest gerbil story

ever told!

gerbil wild life illustration

The Legend of Jet The Gerbil...

is the true story of an amazing pet gerbil and a young boy named Michael.  Michael and Jet are best friends and find lots of fun ways to play together.  Jet is big and strong and fast and brave.  He can do remarkable things.  Jet even teaches the house cat a lesson or two.  

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